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We are Home Buyers in Amarillo, TX
Do you need to sell your house fast?  

Does your house need a lot of repairs?  

Do you want to avoid the hassle of using a Realtor and waiting for months and months to see if it will even sell or not?  

What if you could just sell your house to a cash home buyer, in it’s as is condition, and close in just a few days?

We are Wade and Emmy Mitchell and we are real estate investors here in Amarillo. Every month we buy houses from people just like you. We can help you too! Even if we can’t buy your home we can probably give you some good ideas that you may not have considered.  
Here is what we can offer:

1.We are super easy to work with! We make sure you understand all of your options.
2.We pay cash! You don’t have to worry about long drawn-out bank approvals.
3.We close whenever you want! You are in complete control.
4.We buy property in its as is condition. You don’t have to fix anything or clean anything!
5.We pay all of the closing costs and take care of all of the details! You just sign and pick up your check.

Why are so many people contacting us? Well here is my opinion.

1.People are tired of using Realtors. You can have the best Realtor in the world but they still can’t guarantee that your house will get sold. Realtors charge around 6% for their services. They do a good job for the most part but it just takes them several months to get your house sold. Sometimes it is because they are not marketing the property correctly or following up on showings, but other times it has nothing to do with the Realtor. When you use a Realtor you can count on multiple showings. Some people don’t want to keep their house neat and clean and be ready to show it with very little notice. Most Realtors will want you to make repairs before they take on the listing. For some people this is just not an option.  Which brings me to my next point...

2. They don't want to make repairs.  Many older homes have not been maintained.  If you add up the cost of repairs that would be required in order to get your home to pass an inspection you would be shocked.  Many people just don't have that kind of money.  That's why they call us.  We buy houses as is so you don't need to make repairs.

3.  They need to sell their home fast.  If your house is in great condition, in a great area, and you don’t mind waiting months for it to sell then selling to us may not be your best option. (You should still call us though because we also list houses!) But if you need to sell it fast you should call us!  We can close quickly, usually in about a week. 

So if you are looking for a home buyer in Amarillo give me a call. I can go over the numbers with you and if it makes sense for you to do business with me then great. If not then that’s ok too. You can call me at 806-359-7653 or visit my website at primary website at www.SellMyAmarilloHouse.com for more information about my company.